About us

We  are  the team of  web marketers and website developers, who makes best opportunities for  their customers. We  always care  on  website visitors and  are  ready to help them. We  work in news  and  game  segment, trying to give  you  all the best  from either  of  this  huge  field.

As I mentioned, we are  concentrated only  on quality and  high demanded games, main  goal of  our  team is  to provide the best  service  in every  field  in which we are  operating.  Nervogames is  one  of  our  project, and we  are going  to add  only  popular  and  well-known  games.

Our  office  is  in Georgia,  City – Tbilisi, if  you want contact us about any subject,  please  send mail from contact section.

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